We help hosts to maximise revenues and increase occupancy.

About BNB Buddy

Welcome to BNB Buddy. I started this business because my wife and I are Airbnb hosts, and to be honest we struggled to keep up with the time and energy demand of hosting. This was especially true when we were out of the country, and didn’t have a reliable person that could manage all the aspects of hosting on our behalf. I searched high and low for a solution and I didn’t find one. So the only solution was to start a business that could provide this solution for me and all other hosts that struggle with this. During this time I realised I could create a true value add service for all hosts. We aim to help hosts that need either a constant property management service or just a one off service to help host.

Simply put, we want to help all hosts achieve the following:

  • Increased revenue up to 38%
  • Use none of your time & effort to host
  • Achieve more 5 star ratings and super-host status

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Matt Haynes

Founder & Director

“We saw a gap in the market and ran with it!”

Matt, an Airbnb host, traveler, music lover, photog-rapher and lover of all things entrepreneurial. Origi-nally from the UK, he has also lived in Australia and is currently residing in Hong Kong with his wife, Nathalie and his French Bulldog, Jolie. His passion for travel has taken him to all four continents and over 30 countries.

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Vidya Kanse

General Manager & Chief Happiness Engineer

Vidya, a Hong Kong resident who has 10 years experience in dealing with customer services and customer satisfaction. A lover of holistic health and well being she is yoga and life student. Vidya looks to enjoy every moment and experience life offers.

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