The algorithm takes the following into account:

• Availability
• Pricing of comparable listings
• Local events

Based of these factors and your minimum and ideal price expectations we create a dynamic pricing model which auto sync’s with Airbnb and changes 24/7 giving you the optimum price at all times.

We handle stays from a one night minimum. Don’t worry, we’ll always have your back.
In most instances we will do a face to face check in and apartment tour. When we coordinate with guests we will organise a time and date relative to their arrival. We will wait up to 1 hour for the guest to arrive. After that time we will place the key in a predefined, secure location/lock box for your guest to access the building/apartment. We’ll follow up with them during the following day. All of this is explained in check in details we provided prior to check in.
We will provide our clients, a custom email address so that we can manage all guest communica-tions, check ins and cleaning services. We can communicate with guests either as you, or as BNB Buddy acting on your behalf.
Obviously, the more notice the better, but 48 hours notice will give us sufficient time to coordinate staff.
Our cleaners are experienced professionals who have experience in short-term rental cleaning. We also carry out random QA inspections on all our properties to ensure service delivery.
We will write and post guest reviews on your behalf. Or, if you prefer to do this yourself, no problem.
No, we are a 3rd party service provider to hosts like you.
If required, we will restock items and charge you accordingly. If you have a list of items you would always like to have in stock for guests we can keep that up to date for you and charge accordingly.
We want to help your guest live like a local both inside and outside of your apartment.
Each apartment we fully manage comes with a customised BNB Buddy guide for each guest. This is a sixty (60) page document providing information on:
• Your apartment, check in information and how things work
• Important information in Chinese: Your address in Chinese, important phone numbers,
• A food / restaurant guide with Chinese characters for easy ordering of local cuisine
• Information on local transportation including planes, trains and automobiles
• Advice on Octopus cards, Sim cards and other key tools in Hong Kong
• Guides to tours waterfalls, beaches, restaurants, drinking spots and more
At the moment, BNB Buddy covers the blue MTR line in Hong Kong. If you are outside of this area please get in touch and we’ll advise accordingly. Contact Matt.